Longer Play Samples

LONGER PLAYS can take generally from eight to fifteen minutes to perform. (Some go longer. Don't blame me! Our playwrights love to write!!) The theme, duration, and biblical text are listed directly in the title. Click SHOP to select your plays for purchase.

Sample Files

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"Peter Defends God's Acceptance of the Gentiles"

by R. Don Wright

Loads of fun and with lots of banter, this play effectively shows (with lots of dry humor) how God is about inclusion and not exclusion.

  • Characters  2
  • Duration Approx. 8 - 12 Minutes
  • Text Acts 11:1-18 (RCL Easter 5 or as standalone)

Click to view a sample.

Click to view a sample.

"The Red Rope"

by Stephanie Becken

Can God possibly bring about God's plans through a hooker who runs a hole-in-the-wall motel in Jericho, of all places? Well, yes. God can and God did (and does)!

Since God works through Rahab's brazen boldness, it says something about God. Namely, that God is a lot less concerned about job titles and identities than we might initially think.

Becken's play is not only fun, but pushes the edges of questions we might ask theologically about how God chooses to work God's plans, challenging the roles patriarchy assigns to women, and grace in loyalty & trust.

  • Characters  8 - 20
  • Duration Approx. 10 Minutes
  • Text Joshua 2