frequently asked questions

Arches 'n Bells? Why that name?

Well why not? It's a great church theatrical resource page name, doncha think? We create funchurchplays for a reason!

How to I get my stuff?

Visit our store and select the plays or bundles you desire and go through the secure checkout process. You'll have instant access to the files. Please note that the link you will get only lasts 24 hours from the time of purchase. So skiddattle off to your computer and get the plays, ASAP!

Hey! My browser says this website isn't secure! Do you guys have a clue what you're doing?! The Internet's a dangerous place!

Calm down. Since our webhost provider currently has a different domain listing for the root domain, most modern browsers will see it (rightfully so) as a potential phishing site. We've contacted Squarespace about this issue, and like many other sites on the Internet that have the same problem, they assure us that they are addressing it.

The good news is that once you select your plays for purchase, it will send you to a completely secure, https-compliant area and all your information is fully encrypted.

Chill, baby, chill.

What is, after all, a theologically progressive Church?

Good question. For many, it means that the use of inclusive language is paramount. Also, God is referred to in the gender neutral whenever possible. However, it also means that we see such hot topics as human sexuality and grace-centered theology in the light of a God who we continue to see in as the open, loving Creator of the Universe, regardless of how "traditionalist" have portrayed that God in the past. Do we pick and choose texts from scripture? Sure. But every believer does that. We simply choose to err always on the side of grace. We've hand picked our playwrights to reflect that grace-centered theology. Here's another site's thoughts on the whole issue, right here.

Help! I don't know how to open the "PDF" I downloaded!

PDF is a standard format used on many computers. It stands for "Perfectly Dangerous Funkhole." Arches 'n Bells suggests you be very careful opening them. OR, as an alternative, you can dismiss this whole nonsense and click this link here to find options in getting your plays to open. (Yes, we shall flog the writer for inscribing such snark in a FAQ.)

I downloaded a Bundled Product, and it's zipped. How do I unzip it?

Don't you hate those zippers?! They're always sticking! Go to this site for further instructions with a Windows-based computer.

Do you offer discounts for smaller congregations?

Yes! But only with products more than $50 US. If your congregation worships with less than 100 people per week, and you purchased a package that qualifies, send Dan Maurer, the site's founder, an email at

It says that Arches 'n Bells is the "sister site" of Clergy Stuff—what's that?

Clergy Stuff is so kewl. She's like our older and cooler sister. Great question. Clergy Stuff provides congregations and faith communities with worship planning resources for those using the Narrative Lectionary. You really should check Clergy Stuff out!

I have other, more obscure and esoteric questions to ask you—how can I do this?

O dear... the tension is killing me! But really—email Dan at this address here.