Our Story

At Arches 'n Bells, we believe that drama belongs in the church—or, at the very least—on, up, and around the chancel.

Kids, youth, and adults respond to theatrical productions and they hold people's attention. And they're not just for Christmas or Easter anymore either. Pastors, youth workers, Sunday school teachers & congregations will appreciate the real-world connection participants make with Biblical stories. Because the way you share the story matters.

You'll find resources available to fit your church's needs. AND we take pains (it's really not all that painful) to offer theologically grace-centered and gender-neutral language within our plays.

Arches 'n Bells is the first website—ever—to focus on producing thespianic awesomeness for progressive mainstream churches and faith communities.

Come through the ARCHES. Ring the BELLS.

(Or gongs. Or whatever. Just let the kids do it.)

Get your skits or plays now.