The Whole Arches 'n Bells Kit 'n Kaboodle! (BEST DEAL & MOST POPULAR)


The Whole Arches 'n Bells Kit 'n Kaboodle! (BEST DEAL & MOST POPULAR)

172.00 299.99

Every Single Skit, Play, Dialogue, Drama Resource, Monologue and Seasonal Production from Arches 'n Bells

- Best Deal and Most Popular -

(If we could ship it to you in the Ark of the Covenant, we would — believe us when we tell you that you'll have enough resources to last YEARS for your congregation.)

Arches 'n Bells is the sole provider of theatrical resources for progressive mainstream churches and faith communities. With this packaged bundle, you'll receive every single production from all our playwrights.

It's not only a great deal, but allows you the flexibility of using different skits or plays for your faith community, depending on your needs at the time.


  • 14 Longer Plays (Both Old and New Testament)
  • 24 Skits (From a sampling throughout scripture)
  • 9 Seasonal Productions and Series Productions with (3-5 each) Dialogues, Monologues, Lenten or Standalone Worship Resources including Resources for the Narrative Lectionary! (6 Lenten Series, 2 Christmas Full Plays, and 1 Easter Theatrical Production)

A small church discount is available for worshipping communities under 100 members per week. (Please inquire at

"Arches 'n Bells is Your Sole Resource Provider on the Web for Skits, Plays, Lenten Dialogues and Monologues with Grace-Centered Theology!"

For individual samples, please see the individual skits or plays.


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